Brands: Engage Niche Audiences through Visual Storytelling

Thought leaders have a natural appeal to their audiences, an already-build content distribution network through digital and social media platforms, and a high degree of engagement. Inertia is a one-stop-shop for brands and media networks looking to become a catalyst to their stories. 


Influencer Content Catalyst

Inertia works with our network of engaging travel influencers to storyboard, film, produce and publish incredible video, photographic and written content. This content is shared and tracked on the influencers' social media channels.

Our model allows for brands to become catalysts to authentic stories with natural distribution to defined, niche audiences. Brands are able to filter through our influencers and their current projects to find those that match their target audience, region, language, style, interests and culture. 

Additionally, multiple options for licensing, advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate sales may be integrated into content to naturally align brands with influencers and their audiences. We promote a symbiotic ecosystem where influencers, brands and media networks further each other's goals by developing authentic, story-driven content. 



Inertia Network Beta Platform

We are currently developing our search and content listing platform. If you are a brand or media network interested in working with Inertia, please fill out the contact form below and we will send you a hard copy of projects, influencers, distribution, and demographics open for sponsorship, advertising and licensing.

Please note: we do not support product-for-post campaigns. We set pricing based on hard cost, reach, demographics, quality and performance, and our team will work with you to identify the best opportunities and set deliverables.

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