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At the heart of Inertia Network lies community-- an ever growing group of people bonded together by a common manifesto that honours exploration, self-actualization, authenticity, and mutual understanding. Our team is dedicated to this pursuit, we dream about it, we live it, and we work with people who also act on their passions. 

We work with passionate creatives, content makers, visual storytellers, guides and fixers, as well as like minded brands tourism boards, and organizations to develop journeys, experience-based content and collaborative travel projects. Learn below how you can work with us.


We understand the importance trust and experience plays in travel. This is why we work with professional globetrotters, trailblazers, and passionate storytellers. Because who better to trust than the people paving the way-- those who provide perspective on roads less traveled, and are not content with average. They include bloggers, filmmakers, influencers, photographers, guides, and fixers; they come from all different backgrounds; speak a ton of languages; yet all share something special: growing themselves and those around them through exploration. 

We seek to work with those that know a destination has more than meets the eye, are willing to leave their comfort zones to grow, and want to uplift others as well. Combining our skills, resources and passions, we can curate spectacular adventures. Come join us. Welcome to the Network; we're waiting for you. 



For professional content creators who have established themselves, work with us to design, market and sell your own treks, create unique content series, access financing and partnership opportunities, and more.

QUALIFICATIONS: 200,000 followers / monthly readers minimum



For content creators who may not yet have the following of their peers, our fellows program allows you to access exclusive trips, opportunities, gear, and discounts through the Network. 

QUALIFICATIONS: 10,000 followers / monthly readers minimum


We partner with brands, tourism boards, tourism service providers, and organizations who also share our vision and wish to engage people through the art of experience-based storytelling. Whether we're documenting a social media influencer's survival course through the Amazon, or investigating receding glaciers in Greenland with bloggers, or eating our way through China, there's a story to be told and an audience waiting to listen. 

We are actively growing a large network of travel and adventure-based content creators in North America, China and the EU. If you are interested in working with us to put together a content, media and distribution strategy to their fan base, please reach out and we'll chat. We operate just about everywhere and hit major millennial demographics in the travel, tourism and adventure space. Our team of adventurous filmmakers, directors, photographers, bloggers, writers, and influencers may be just what you're looking for.