There are some travel experiences one can never really have on a guided tour. This guided tour lets you have them anyway. And the experience is amazing. We joined a herding family's feast in honor of their daughter's high school graduation and her return from a far-off city, and we danced with them all. We ate sheep parts you won't find in your grocery store. We saw amazing scenery. We experienced the feeling and beauty of true remoteness."

Ken Alexander
Tajikistan and Xinjiang, 2018 Expedition





What do you care about? Where do you want to put your passion and energy towards? We see ourselves as custodians over our own initiates, and facilitators to help you create your own projects. All we require is that initiatives stay true to Inertia Network’s core values and work to build connectivity.

Come take advantage of our network of dedicated fixers, guides, expedition leaders, coordinators and entrepreneurs from some of the world’s most remote and difficult corners to bring people together, push comfort zones, challenge preconceptions, and get way off the beaten trail.

Minimum Standards for Custom Programs

  • Groups of 5 or more people; or

  • Any program that uses an Inertia expedition leader (no minimum group size required); or

  • Any program that stays at an Inertia pop-up eco-resort (no minimum group size); and

  • A willingness and dedication to follow the Inertia culture and values.

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