Storytelling and creating an emotional connection is what drives true growth and longevity. We believe that influencer marketing is a loaded term, one that is often seen as a disingenuous transaction. We are built on the belief that brands can work in genuine collaboration with thought leaders to enable great storytelling, instead of interrupting it. 


A brand is no longer a collection of products or services but the personification of a culture and values. To associate with a brand is to buy into that culture or community. This is something thought leaders have always been doing; leading communities of people, earning trust. In a world full of information and choice, this trust has never been so important.

Inertia's digital services are strongly rooted in influencer story-based content. We integrate film, show running, concept development, reality television, and documentary elements within our productions to see the world through their eyes. High production value content with natural distribution and strong engagement is our jam. And we work all over the world, from the Canadian Arctic to the the hockey rink in North Korea, nothing is impossible. 

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