Inertia Digital serves brands and media companies looking for influencer content as well as influencers looking to join a network of talented content creators and storytellers with a voice. 


For Brands 


Inertia provides a single platform for brands and media networks looking to sponsor, advertise on, and license content, as well as track and engage audiences through genuine influencer storytelling.

Each Inertia production is created in direct partnership with the influencer it stars, and examines the their world and activities through a reality lens. Productions are searchable by topic, demographics, and reach.

Productions offer with a variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities for brands looking to reach a niche audience through genuine content collaboration.


For Influencers


Inertia is an application-only service platform for influencers and thought leaders who share a sense of adventure and curiosity. We work with influencers to organize and finance overseas productions, group trips and incredible visual content.

Inertia invites travel influencers with at least 200,000 followers (combined) who regularly create and post content to apply to join our community. Benefits of membership include working with a team of filmmakers, location managers, and marketers to develop storylines, venture to new locations, finance content production, travel and more.