Deposits, Payments and Refunds

Upon signing up for a trip, we will request a deposit in order for you to secure your spot. The deposit is always set at 30% of the trip fee. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other trips. We are only able to return a deposit should we be forced to cancel a trip for any unforeseeable reason.

Balances (the remaining 70%) are due at least 60 days before the start of a trip, and we will start requesting funds approximately 75 days before the start of a trip. Cancellations made after this time period incurs the following penalties:

  1. Cancel between 59 and 30 days before trip start sate: 50% refund on balance.

  2. Cancel between 29 and 15 days before trip start date: 30% refund on balance.

  3. Cancel 14 days or less before trip start date: no refund available.

Payment Methods and Processing Fees

We are able to accept payments with VISA and Mastercard (3% processing fee), Paypal (5% processing fee), personal check (no processing fee), bank wire transfer ($25 USD flat fee), and Interac etransfer (Canada only, no processing fee).

Itinerary and Scheduling Changes

Itineraries are frameworks and samples and are not meant to be followed exactly as written. Therefore, they are always subject to change, as local conditions on the ground can change, or new opportunities can arise. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary, while maintaining the spirit of the original itinerary.

Inertia Network believes in providing a whole experience full of exploration, challenge, intrigue and curiosity, rather than simply checking off a list of tourist sights. People who join our trips are also looking for something beyond a typical tourist experience, and would like to travel with a great group of fellow adventurers, knowledgeable trip leaders, and local experts.

Leadership and Staff Changes

In general, we try to avoid changing staff on a trip and plan out our schedules months in advance to make sure this does not happen. However, some things are beyond our control. People can get sick or injured, last minute things may pop up, and we may be forced to make changes to the leadership of a trek.

This may include a blogger or influencer leader being forced to cancel their participation, or a change to our local guiding team, or a change in leader from the Inertia team. We reserve the right to change staff up if needed at any time before a trip.

Now what if the blogger/influencer leading a trip changes and you were dead set on travelling with them? In this case, we understand the value this individual may bring to your learning experience and we too understand the disappointment you may feel. Therefore, if for any reason a blogger/influencer trip co-leader has to drop out of a trip, we will offer you a full refund (deposit+trip fee) should you also chose to drop out, as well as an explanation.

Please note: we are unable to cover any costs you incur should you chose to drop out in this case, including flight changes, ticket fees, vacation time, etc.

Minimum and Maximum Number of Participants

Each group trek has a set minimum number of confirmed participants needed in order to be able to run the trip. This minimum number of people is based on meeting the amount of revenue we have to generate to get the trip off the ground and is normally somewhere between 5-6 people.

We set a maximum number of participants based on the trip details, location and what we believe would be an ideal group size to give everyone a special, personalized experience while also making it dynamic and social. Typically this number is between 10-16 people, with 12 being more or less a baseline standard.

We list the minimum and maximum number of participants needed on each trip on the trek pages. Once the minimum number has been met, we will inform those who have signed up directly. Once the trip is sold out, we will mark it as sold and allow people to sign up for a waitlist should spaces become available.

Trip Cancellations

We do our absolute best to never have to cancel a trip that has met its minimum participant threshold. However, we do reserve the right to cancel a trip at any time for any reason-- act of god, safety, natural disaster, political upheaval, or any unforeseen issue that prevents us from safely operating a trip.

Should we be forced to cancel a trip, you will receive a full refund including your deposit from us within two weeks.

Please note: we are unable to cover any costs you incur should you chose to drop out in this case, including flight changes, ticket fees, vacation time, etc. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

Medical and Travel Insurance

We require that all participants have valid medical insurance when travelling on one of our group treks. The reason for this is that we feel secure in being to help you should an accident happen or you get sick and need to be admitted to hospital or even evacuated.

We require all participants to submit copies of their medical insurance policies to our office before being officially allowed to join a trip. If you are covered through your credit card, please submit a copy of that policy to us as well. This is so that in the case of an emergency we can try to help you to the best of our abilities.

Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

Inertia Network group treks are highly explorative and social experiences that go beyond the tourist trail to encourage genuine interaction, exchange, bonding and shared experience. This being said, we have expectations that all participants treat each other and our staff, local partners, and hosts with respect and patience.

We promote egalitarian values when travelling-- do not expect to be served or waited on, rather, we hope you ask yourself how you can be more engaged with the group and local community. Therefore, we require that all participants agree to and sign the following Code of Conduct before being allowed to formally start a trek with us.

  1. Support each other-- offer a helping hand, attentive ear, or words of encouragement to your fellow travellers, trip leaders, guides and locals you meet along the way.

  2. Embrace the experience-- sometimes you may feel uncomfortable, sometimes situations are unfamiliar, it’s all part of the experience of travel; embrace it, live it, learn from it and reflect upon it.

  3. Treat others with respect, but remember respect is a two-way street.

  4. Engage in respectful dialogue and respect the opinions of others.

  5. Cause no harm.

  6. Respect and protect the environment-- pack it in, pack it out (we’re talking garbage and plastic waste here), take only photos, leave only footprints.

  7. No harassment, bullying, or discriminating against anyone.

  8. Follow and abide by local laws at all times, especially as they relate to drugs and alcohol. Understand that if you break them, we cannot help you.

  9. Complaining diminishes the experience for everyone-- if you’re upset about something talk with us privately and we will do our best to help you. We’re all people working together to make amazing experiences; complaining will not get you very far.

  10. Please understand that failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in your removal from the trip without refund at the discretion of the trip leaders.