Each Inertia trek is designed to be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime journey. Call us crazy, or bad businesspeople, but we specifically design trips meant to be done only once. Each experience is so unique that attempting to repeat it would be futile. We are the guys you come to when you are looking for something truly extraordinary. 


To us, only epic is a concept that stresses the absolute uniqueness of our projects. We integrate amazing talent in hard to reach places in order to design the best experiences. Unlike most travel companies, we do not seek to repeat our trips. Rather, they are specifically designed to be done only once. That sounds fucked, we know, but to us, Inertia is broken when we push ourselves to pursue the extraordinary, to chase something truly authentic. And we would rather be honest about this pursuit than give you something cookie-cutter. 


Here's your change to walk the red carpet and star in a short film. The catch, it's in North Korea. Lead by veteran filmmakers, this trip brings us to Pyongyang and across North Korea to experience a true insiders' view of the country from a media lens. We will work with North Korean directors and actors for a day-long short narrative film shoot, experience the Pyongyang International Film Festival's most glamorous events, experience the mass games VIP style, and travel to the remote, least visited corners of the country, all in one epic journey.