We get a lot of questions about our trips, so we've decided to include this nifty FAQ for everyone. We hope you can get a better idea of our vision and how we operate from these questions and answers. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out anytime. 



What's included in the price? 

In general our trips include nearly all land costs. This means accommodation (double or multiple people per room), regional flights and transportation, local guides, entrance tickets to places specified on the itinerary, and most meals. Each trip has different meals included, as we tend to give free tome to explore in cities and meals during those times are not included. Ask to get a copy of the trek pdf to see exactly which meals are included on each trip. 

Our trips do not include travel and medical insurance, visa fees and services, international airfare, personal spending, airport transfers, drinks, and tips for local guides. Each participant is responsible for getting themselves to the starting location on each trip's start date as well as understanding if they require a travel visa for the countries we are visiting or not. 



Every trek is co-lead by a trained member of the Inertia home team (from Canada) and a local guide or fixer. On many trips there is also a blogger, photographer or journalist co-leader as well.



Where we sleep may include hotels, guesthouses, homestays, tents, and even nights under the stars; we do whatever it takes to create an awesome experience. Groups are kept small and intimate, they're priced to be inclusive instead of prohibitive, and group dynamics between adventurers is key to each trip's success. This means we normally do not include luxurious accommodations (although some treks do, if we believe it truly augments the experience and remains affordable). At the same time, we try our absolute best to stick to clean accommodations. As a rule of thumb, if we are staying at hotels, it's safe to assume they are in the "three-star" range unless otherwise noted. Our preference is to stay in homestays and guesthouses over hotels. 


Do you offer single supplement? 


Simply put, no, we don't. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and we consider single supplement requests on a case by case basis should the option even be available. Here's our thinking: the entire point of Inertia is to bring people together, explore the world earnestly and openly, and to allow oneself and other to be vulnerable. This is how we grow and learn. We are not just a travel company who takes people to cool places, we are in the business of self-actualization and shared experience. We believe that having a roommate or roommates adds value to your experience on our group treks and is an important component of our programs. 

This being said, if you’re joining with a friend or significant other, you can room together throughout the trip. If you’re joining solo, you will be given a roommate from the trip of the same gender.


What should I pack and is there a weight limit? 

Before the start of each trip we send out a packet of information to each participant. This packet includes a packing list of mandatory and recommended items-- which are largely dependent on the itinerary, activities we do, and weather of each location. All of our trips have weight and luggage restrictions, as these are mostly set by airlines and transportation services we encounter throughout the trip. Normally (but not always), this means up to one 23kg bag and a 5kg carry-on.

Please keep in mind, each participant is responsible for carrying their own bags and equipment unless we specify in the itinerary that porters are available. On many trips there are occasions where you are able to store your larger bags and carry overnight packs or day packs, so it's always good to have a small or medium sized backpack with you. 



Each participant must read, sign and abide by a Responsibilities and Conduct Agreement (see the bottom of our DISCLAIMER to read them). This is not some boring legal document used to cover our asses; rather, it outlines our expectations we have for you as well as the expectations you should have for your fellow participants. 

Additionally, on the first day of each trek, during orientation, we will hand out and ask that each participant sign a standard Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement. This is a necessary legal document in order to participate in a trek. 


What happens if I require a visa to enter one or more of the countries we will be visiting? 

Depending on your country of citizenship and the immigration policies of countries we are visiting, you may or may not require a visa or separate entry clearance document before arriving in that country. This varies greatly depending on your nationality. We do not provide visa services (although fellow Canadian citizens may inquire about this when joining a trip, we may be able to help you out since our trip leaders will also normally need a visa).

This being said, we can help offer advice on obtaining a visa, as well as provide support documents (letters of invitation, reservations, etc) whenever possible. Visa policies tend to vary depending on where you apply for your visa, the politics of the day, and the mood of the consular officer reading your application. Some countries are notoriously fickle with issuing visas (China and Russia for example), while others are very straightforward (Myanmar and Tajikistan for example).

It is also important to keep in mind that many countries require you to apply for a visa at their diplomatic mission in your country of citizenship or official residence. We have seen cases of individuals having to fedex their passports to visa services in their home countries in order to obtain visas when travelling or living abroad without proper long term residence papers. 


What happens if I want to cancel? Can I get a refund? How does this work? 

We get it, things happen, plans change, and sometimes you have to drop out of a trip. For this, we've created a DISCLAIMER section to clarify our policies on cancellations, refunds, responsibilities, and insurance requirements. Please look it over. 


What happens if my trip gets cancelled? Can this happen? 

We do our absolute best to avoid having to cancel a trip that has met its minimum participant threshold. However, we do reserve the right to cancel a trip at any time for any reason-- act of god, safety, natural disaster, political upheaval, or any unforeseen issue that prevents us from safely operating a trip. If a trip has not met its minimum threshold to operate we may cancel it and people who have already signed up will be notified a minimum of three months in advance should this be the case. All treks typically require five people to meet their minimum operational threshold. 

Should we be forced to cancel a trip, you will receive a full refund including your deposit from us within two weeks.

Please note: we are unable to cover any costs you incur should you chose to drop out in this case, including flight changes, ticket fees, vacation time, etc. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance.


Can I work with Inertia Network to create a private trip and custom itinerary? 

Of course you can. Just REACH OUT and let's talk. We operate in every country we currently have group treks as well as dozens more, so we can work with you to create a tailer made itinerary for your group. Each trip is co-lead by an Inertia trek leader to ensure things go smoothly on the group and help facilitate special requests, as well as a local guide who is an expert in their home region. 

Our team has worked with university student groups, professional organizations, companies and non-profits to design experiences for their members. 



We push social, cultural, and geographical boundaries to deliver on experiences beyond the tourist trail. Likewise, we expect our local teams to get creative as well when working with us to plan out treks, but this does not mean we sacrifice the safety and security of our participants or staff.

Inertia Network partners with vetted local guides, fixers, and coordinators all over the globe. And after a decade of location management experience, our network is significant. We onboard and train local teams in our values, and encourage them to also explore their own surroundings, and to always be on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities we can share in together. We do not look at nor treat our local teams as service providers, but rather as friends and colleagues. We are in this together; respect and bonding is paramount.



We require that all participants purchase travel and medical insurance before they are able to participate in one of our treks. Our local guides as well as adventure guides are all trained in first aid and carry phones in case of an emergency.

We certainly work in remote places, from Tajikistan to Tonga, and the diversity of these locations is what keeps our hearts pumping and brains happy. This being said, our team is professional, well trained and well experienced. We're here to provide incredible experiences; while having your back each step of the way.