Hello, storytellers! Inertia Network is just that-- a network of social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, filmmakers, and more passion-driven people who do not stop in their quest for growth and understanding themselves.

We work with out members to co-create unique, off-the-beaten path adventures all over the world, as well as co-produce content-- everything from video series to photography series and more. We believe that by combining our resources, skills and passions, we can produce incredible experiences to teach and inspire others to embrace their adventurous side and join us.

In the process they will learn not only about new places, but also meet new people from all walks of life, bond, and ultimately know more about themselves. 


Our team works with you to collaboratively create unique trips to the places you and your fans want to visit. We handle all logistics, operations and payments for these projects and work with you to make sure the trips are marketed and sold. We also help reach out to sponsors and tourism boards, and can facilitate content production, photography, videography, and editing throughout the trips.

Influencers earn commission on the trips they create with us, so not only do you get all your costs covered, you will make money as long as the trip sells.


Inertia invites content creators with a minimum combined following of 200,000 people to apply to our network. We work with each influencer individually to craft the most ideal and well-fitting collaborations and adventures.

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