Each group trek is designed by our team and blogger collaborators to be something we're genuinely excited about. We love the locations, the people, the experiences, the mystery, and the adventure; and because we’re pumped about it, we think you will be too. Group sizes are kept nice and small at less than fourteen participants to encourage bonding between participants and our trek leaders. Our treks are not your average tour; think of them as a full-on group experience and adventurer bootcamp. You'll learn the art of exploration, meet amazing people, and learn about yourself. 

Most treks are two-weeks long; you can choose to participate in the first week, second week, or both. The first week is called the CORE week, where we explore the essence of a focus region. The second week is called the PERIPHERAL week, where we jump into the unknown, less traveled, and adventurous elements of a nearby location. If you join for both weeks, you get a nice discount on the second week. Check out our upcoming treks below. 



Some of the world's most dramatic mountain ranges meet in the borderlands between China, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. For this trek, we traverse and explore these mountain passes that have defined trade routes into remote kingdoms for centuries.

CORE Week: Jun 23 - Jul 1
Start: Kashgar; End: Kashgar
Price: $1,950

PERIPHERAL Week: Jun 29 - Jul 8
Start: Kashgar; End: Kashgar
Price: $2,200 ($1,600 with core week)


TONGA: Underwater

Each year hundreds of humpback whales make their way to the shallow waters of the Tongan Islands in the South Pacific to breed and raise their young. Join underwater photographer Karim Iliya on an experience of a lifetime to document and swim with these giants of the sea. 


Karim Iliya

August 14-22, 2018
Start: Vava'u; End: Vava'u
Price: $4,000

marje-in-iceland 2.jpg

Autumn in the Arctic is spectacular. This road trip brings us first to Iceland's incredible south coast to explore glaciers and waterfalls. We then fly over to Greenland's remote eastern settlements to experience a slice of Inuit life surrounded by icebergs, whales and the aurora.

CORE Week: Sep 23-29, 2018
Start: Reykjavik; End: Reykjavik
Price: $2,300

PERIPHERAL Week: Sep 29- Oct 4, 2018
Start: Kulusuk; End: Kulusuk
Price: $2,750 ($2,250 with core week)


We retrace the footsteps of Beduin nomads from the banks of the dead sea, through Jordan's citadels, and across the ancient and modern wonders of Egypt. For the adventurous, we will continue deep into the Nubian heartland of Sudan for another week of adventure.

CORE Week: Oct 6-14, 2018
Start: Cairo; End: Cairo
Price: $2,250

PERIPHERAL Week: Oct 14-21, 2018
Start: Amman; End: Amman
Price: $1,950 ($1,550 with core week)


NORWAY: Underwater

In the winter, thousands of orcas and humpback whales migrate to the Norwegian Arctic to feed on millions of spawning herring. This trek brings participants into the waters off the Lofoten Islands to swim with the whales and witness this natural spectacle first hand. 

Karim Iliya

January 4 - February 2, 2018
Start: Andenes; End: Andenes
Price: $4,100