Januzak is a native of Murghab in the Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan.  He graduated from university in 2001, and shortly after started to work with an organization called ACTED (Agence d'Aide a la Cooperation Technique et au Development) as a local guide for foreign visitors. His first guiding experience began with guiding Swiss students throughout Tajikistan and showing them around the Pamirs.

In July 2004, Januzak joined META ( Murghab Eco-Tourism Association), a local association of registered guides and service-providers, set up with the help of ACTED. The same year, he traveled to Ladakh, India, to observe ecotourism development work carried out  by the UNESCO partner organization Snow Leopard Conservancy.  This experience gave him hands-on training in guiding and  he was introduced to new ideas and perspectives in current tourism work. Januzak has been working as a tour guide continuously since 2001, balancing between freelancing for multiple local organizations. His experience throughout his homeland is unmatched.