Murad hails from village Ishkoman in the Ghizar District of Northern Pakistan. After completing his college degree,  he started working as a guide in the north of Pakistan with a local travel agency for three years. During that time, he had great opportunities to explore the nature and cultures of his home region and meet people from different parts of the globe. This experience boosted Murad's interest in the field of tourism, and he went on to join Hindukush Trails, one of the largest local companies, as a trekking and cultural guide. Murad then lead major international research and media teams, working as a translator, fixer and adventure guide. This included leading the BBC Planet Earth team in their successful quest to document snow leopards in Northern Pakistan.

Murad does not leave any stone unturned when exploring his home region and his goal is to advance tourism across northern Pakistan to show visitors the beauty and hospitality of this spectacular slice of earth.