Your Authentic Stories, Magnified.

Work with a team of filmmakers, location managers, marketers and media sales to form partnerships, explore new places, make amazing video and visual content, and increase sales channels.

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Authenticity First

Inertia provides travel influencers with the resources, team and network to develop authentic productions in collaboration with filmmakers, location managers, fixers and storytellers around the world.

Additionally, the Inertia team works with influencers to craft group trips to their bucket list destinations and we handle all logistics, operations and payments for these projects. Our marketing team helps influencers market, license and sell their content from these collaborative adventures. We track analytics and generate performance reports on all projects to justify continued brand and media partnerships. 



Apply to the Network

Inertia invites travel influencers with a minimum following of 150,000 people to apply to our network. We work with each influencer individually to craft the most ideal and well-fitting collaborations. We hope you join us and we look forward to creating incredible experiences with you. 

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