How to Stand Out Amongst the Crowd?

The power of being different, doing what you can't, exploring the under explored, and being yourself completely is what drives inspiration and viewership. We help elevate this process. 


For Content Creators

Thought leaders, influencers, bloggers, vloggers, self-publishers, social media stars, and individual content creators are changing the nature of content consumption.

We understand that great content is not free to produce, and building distribution requires significant effort and time. Inertia supports content creators by giving them a platform to sort through and customize deals, set rate standards and preferences, access transparent analytics, and monetize their reach through partnerships without sacrificing their values or personal brand.

Additionally, we help influencers grow by integrating professional video and photography production services, developing useful educational material, arranging travel and location management services all over the world, and finding sponsors willing to become catalysts to the production of remarkable content.

As Inertia is in it's beta stage, we are currently focusing our work on partnering with travel bloggers with a minimum of 100,000 followers. However, we are open to all different types of partnerships, so reach out!

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A catalyst to the production of remarkable, authentic content. 

Content production and distribution is democratizing. AdBlock software is ubiquitous. Brands have the opportunity to join in on the shift towards professional and authentic influencer-generated content.


For Brands

Brands are increasingly turning toward thought leaders and social media influencers to help build credibility by engaging with niche groups of people. Influencers are not only able to increase brand alignment and exposure, but also may help drive consumer awareness and convert sales.

Inertia facilitates strategy-based content partnerships between brands and thought leaders. With advanced matchmaking on the horizon, coupled with strong analytics and customizable, secure deal structures, we enable effective, results driven collaboration. 

Inertia is unique; we lie at the intersection of technology and media production. We strive to produce the best content by integrating professional crews with influencers, where the influencer's content also becomes part of the brand's digital ecosystem. 

Our services are designed for creative marketers: structuring offers, enabling affiliate programs, tracking individual progress and aggregate analytics, making quick payouts and holding funds in escrow to mitigate risk. 

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