Inertia represents the unwillingness to change. For many of us, it defines the way we live our lives. We compromise, we conform, we settle. We often give reasons for these actions, but rarely do we question the root of them. We choose not to look deeper into our decisions and ourselves. We’re filled with deeply rooted dissatisfaction, and most importantly, we constrain ourselves.

So why? Why do we so often give in to our inertia and become passengers to life? There is no one-shoe-fits-all answer. We all have our reasons, but what’s important is to be aware you have a choice. You can decide what you want out of life and pursue it. For this to become a reality, you need to make that decision for yourself, because no one can make it for you. We swear, once you embrace it, that’s when life begins.

Don’t settle for a life you don’t want. Be authentic, be open-minded, and be patient. Know that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. This path is not one of comfort and leisure, with it comes pain, rejection, and sacrifice; it demands courage, not avoidance. Our question to you is: when you look back, would you rather have made mistakes or be filled with regret?

So shake up the status quo. Stare into the unknown and have the courage to jump in. Say “no” when society expects you to say “yes,” and “yes” when self-doubt bullies you to say “no.” Never accept things for the way they are; come to your own conclusions. The people who change the world are never the ones who play by the rules set by others.

So we challenge you.

Be dynamic.

Break your inertia.