A members-only community of people you actually want to travel with.



Our mission is to build a community of open-minded individuals who seek to share in intense, inertia-breaking experiences. We believe the purpose of travel is to disrupt your default life to learn and grow through genuine connection with others.




Then what are you waiting for?



A community of like-minded people to create authentic, epic adventures with.



A shared set of guiding principles that defines our community and behaviour.



Adventures designed for people who hate tours, we help you break inertia.



Imagine a community where you feel like family the moment you meet, people you actually enjoy embarking on an adventure with, who support each other, challenge each other, and leave out the small talk?

Our community exists to connect hundreds of like-minded adventurers and ever expanding local teams to design and undertake transformative experiences in some of the most remote parts of our world.






Be authentic to yourself, engage in authentic experiences and interactions.



Treat and care for everyone as equals, regardless of our differences.



Get out of your comfort zone, try new things, help others, be proactive.



Be open to different ways of thinking, perspectives and experiences.



Economically support local communities, wildlife and the planet.



Take care of the environment by minimizing our footprint.




Our expedition are organized exclusively for members with our expert local teams on the ground in some of the most remote places on earth. They are incredibly unique journeys that would either be too expensive, too boreing, or too risky to take on alone.

Each expedition is designed to enable maximum inter-personal connection, learning, and self-growth, all while being rooted in engaging communities and preserving wildlife and ecology.






Our expedition are organized exclusively for members with our expert local teams on the ground in some of the most remote places on earth. Each expedition is designed to enable maximum inter-personal connection, learning, and self-growth, all while being rooted in engaging communities and preserving wildlife and ecology.






Each application is vetted by our team, and we will reach out to you personally for a phone call. Check out our Membership FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

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  • If you have not heard back from us in a week, please contact us, as it may mean we did not receive your application.

  • Inertia expeditions have participation fees that typically range from $2,000 to $5,000. Members may also work with each other to design their own experiences all all different budget points.

  • All information submitted to Inertia Network is protected by our Privacy Policy.




What are the qualifications for membership?

Our Explorers' Collective is open to people from all countries, backgrounds, ages, and orientation. We are a diverse group bound together by a common desire to engage in:

  • Genuine exploration of some of the most remote parts of our planet.
  • Building bridges and increasing cooperation with others.
  • Minimizing our destructive effects on the environment and wildlife.
  • Inertia-breaking, self-learning and growth through experience.
  • Elevating above the typical and iconic to discover the remarkable.

Members must show a willingness to help others, engage in constructive conversations, participate actively, leave their egos at the door, and act with integrity. We don't like to compare passport stamps or clamber around for posted Instagram photos at iconic landmarks. Rather, we're here for the experience and to share in something special with others.

Many of our expedition programs are challenging, uncomfortable, wild adventures and Members are expected to not only embrace the challenges they encounter, but also actively learn from them.

What benefits and opportunities can members enjoy?

Members of the Explorers' Collective are able to join any of our expeditions, as well as connect with our incredible local teams and fellow members to design and help coordinate new expeditions. Members can share their ideas with a trusted community, as well as access new people, nature, and wildlife in some of the most remote corners of the planet.

Members are also aple to apply for our Creators and Documentarians programs for discounts on participation fees, as well as media accreditation.

Why do I have to apply for membership?

Why go through all this? Because we deeply care about the quality of the experience for everyone and want to make sure that our values and purpose are aligned with those of our participants.

We know that “group” travel can sound scary or cheesy for people, and we want to smash that notion that the group is a burden. Rather, we want to see the “group” as a highlight of the experience, where people can be vulnerable, make lifelong friendships, and share epic experiences with others.

Is membership free?

Membership dues of $50 are collected annually on your first Inertia experience of the year. If you do not participate in an Inertia expedition or experience, membership is free for that year.

If you're applying for Inertia Network media accreditation and a press pass, an additional fee of $100 is charrged for the pass, valid for 5 years.

Do I have to be a member to join an expedition?

Our expeditions are designed to enable authentic connection between participants, locals, wildlife, the planet, and ultimately participants themselves. Having well-aligned group dynamics is vital to the success of the experiences we seek to create; therefore, Inertia Network is a membership-only community.

All of our expeditions are limited to members only. If you would like to join a trip but are not yet a member, you should apply for membership and then will be invited to join any Inertia expedition or experience you would like.

Why do we restrict participation to members? Because we truly value the community we are building and the collective impact we can make by working together. Therefore, we want to make sure that everyone is participating with an open mind, thirt to learn and build bridges with others, share their knowledge, and respect the planet in the process.

What happens after I submit the application form?

To apply for membership, fill out an online application here. After we’ve received your application a member from our team will contact you within one week to set up a phone call. Successful applicants will be contacted by email and then sent their membership packet.

Are there any requirements for membership?

All new members must sign both a membership pledge that outlines the conditions for membership and our values, as well as a membership liability waiver form in order to participate in expeditions. Failure to uphold the membership pledge may result in expulsion from the Explorers' Collective.