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Whales in Rurutu: Week 1 (Aug 23-30)


WEEK ONE: AUGUST 23-30, 2020
$2990 USD



  1. You must be able to confidently swim at least 200 metres in open water unaided in order to participate in this program.

  2. No PADI certification is required.

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Billing Address
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Only snorkeling is required in order to swim with whales. Free-diving is only permitted under special circumstances only if we encounter a particularly playful adult without a calf present. You do not need PADI certification to participate in this program.
I certify that I can swim at least 200 metres unaided in open water without difficulty and I am confident in my swimming abilities. *
I certify that I am physically able to participate in this program, and that I will purchase my own travel and medical insurance to cover the duration of my stay overseas during this program. *