Each trek is designed by our team to be something we are genuinely excited about. We love the places, the people, the experiences, the mystery, and the adventure; and because we’re pumped about it, we think you will be too.

Our trips are run differently from your typical tour company. While we recognize we’re in the "travel space," we are really not into "touring" in a traditional sense. Let us explain.


Inertia Network is a community bounded by a manifesto, and with that certain values. These values are embodied within the travel experiences we create, by the people we work with, and by those who join our adventures. 

Every trek is co-lead by a blogger, an adventure guide, and a local expert. Where we sleep may include hotels, guesthouses, homestays, tents, and even nights under the stars; we do whatever it takes to create an awesome experience. Groups are kept small and intimate, they're priced to be inclusive instead of prohibitive, and group dynamics between adventurers is key to each trip's success. 

Each participant is matched up with a gender-aligned roommate from the group, and roommates are rotated throughout the trip. We are all about inclusivity, not bonding is not an option on our treks. These are highly social experiences, but at the same time each trip leaves room for personal exploration and reflection. Each participant must read, sign and abide by a Responsibilities and Conduct Agreement. This is not some boring legal document used to cover our asses; rather, it outlines our expectations we have for you as well as the expectations you should have for your fellow participants. 

Our treks focus entirely on your experience and the adventure along the way, as opposed to checking off a list of tourist sites. While we too marvel in the iconic, we also embrace the unexpected, the mysterious, the lesser known yet truly authentic. We started Inertia Network to bring people together, and allow them to learn and share in journeys that depart from their everyday lives. Itineraries may change, new opportunities may pop up and we take them. We are not ridged because travel is not rigid. Itineraries provide a framework and are never set in stone. 


Each trek is two weeks long; you can choose to participate in the first week, second week, or both. There is a marketed shift between the first and second weeks of a trek. The first week is called the CORE week, where we explore the essence of a focus region. The second week is called the PERIPHERAL week, where we jump into the unknown, less traveled, and adventurous elements of a nearby location.

For example, our CORE week may be spent traveling across and souks and small towns of Morocco, while in the PERIPHERAL week, we adventure deep into the Algerian Sahara to live beneath the stars with Tuareg nomads in the desert. Each part of the trek is designed to satisfy a specific itch-- to push you a bit beyond your comfort zone, and to build an experience that sticks with you. 

If you choose to join both weeks, we give you a 20% discount off the second week as well as provide any transportation necessary to get you to the next starting point.


We push social, cultural, and geographical boundaries to deliver on experiences beyond the tourist trail. Likewise, we expect our local teams to get creative as well when working with us to plan out treks, but this does not mean we sacrifice the safety and security of our participants or staff.

Inertia Network partners with vetted local guides, fixers, and coordinators all over the globe. And after a decade of location management experience, our network is significant. We onboard and train local teams in our values, and encourage them to also explore their own surroundings, and to always be on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities we can share in together. We do not look at nor treat our local teams as service providers, but rather as friends and colleagues. We are in this together; respect and bonding is paramount.

We require that all participants purchase travel and medical insurance before they are able to participate in one of our treks. Our local guides as well as adventure guides are all trained in first aid and carry phones in case of an emergency.

We certainly work in remote places, from Sudan to Greenland, and the diversity of these locations is what keeps our hearts pumping and brains happy. This being said, our team is professional, well trained and well experienced. We're here to provide incredible experiences; while having your back each step of the way.