Rugged, remote, and uncompromisingly real, these adventures redefine “off-the-beaten-path”. Outliers expeditions are incredibly niche programs in extremely unusual locations— designed to connect you to the life experiences of locals. These are untamed expeditions designed for people who may very well detest the idea of a “group tour”. Outliers is here to transform your perspective of others and yourself.




Pakistan: Chawmos in the Hindukush
December 8-22, 2019 · Pakistan

Travel to the remote Hindukush mountains in Northwest Pakistan to experience one of the most unique festivals in the world— Chawmos— the Kalash New Year. Stay in homestays, trek amongst snow-covered peaks, wander ancient bazaars, and join in on the pagan celebrations in the only ethnically non-islamic parts of Pakistan.

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If you want off-the-beaten-track real human and cultural interaction, there really is no alternative out there. If you want to explore the unknown a bit more boundlessly with others who want to connect with the places they encounter, there is still really no alternative out there. And to be perfectly honest, they are just a really down-to-earth nice group of people who want to get to know you genuinely, and that you end up wanting to talk to and learn from every day."

Robyn Held
Afghanistan Nowruz 2019 Expedition





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What I felt I got out of this trip is both being truly present but also being with a group that had no judgement whatsoever. We were all so present and not in fear of judgement; both being extremely refreshing. This is how it felt to not be worried about anything else, but to be focused in that moment and sharing in that moment with people who are right there experiencing it with you which made it so much more than just a personal experience but a shared experience."

Steve Yu
Peru 2018 Expedition