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SOCOTRA with Hilary Bradt




9-20 February, 2019
Starting from $3890


Intensity Level
Camping, Hiking, Snorkeling, Ecotravel


Please complete the form below to register for the trip. A member of our team will contact you after submission to arrange for the deposit payment and Yemeni visa processing.


A deposit of $1160 for the Socotra portion of the trip is due by 1 September, 2019.
A 30% deposit for the Cairo portion of the trip is due by
1 November, 2019 to give you more time to make a decision on which activities and services you would like in Egypt.
Final payments are due by
1 December, 2019.

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Billing Address
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If yes, please indicate 1. If there are any Israeli stamps in your passport; 2. Which border posts did you enter and exit Israel.
Prices for the total Socotra trip as per the itinerary are US$3890 using a single hotel room on hotel nights, and US$3850 per person using a shared hotel room (camping nights are in one-person tents). Please show your choice of:
CAIRO- Accommodation Supplement *
The full pre/post-trip Cairo package (3 nights, 2 full days of excursions as per itinerary, all transfers, meals, single supplement) costs US$1190 per person in a single hotel room and US$$1040 per person in a shared room. Any nights or excursions that you opt out of will be deducted from this price and you'll be billed according to your selections.
CAIRO- Accommodation Dates *
Please select which nights you would like accommodation provided in Cairo:
CAIRO- Excursions
Which excursions would you like to join in Cairo?
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I certify that I am physically able to participate in this program, and that I will purchase my own travel and medical insurance to cover the duration of my stay overseas during this program. *


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