"What I felt I got out of this trip is both being truly present but also being with a group that had no judgement whatsoever. We were all just ourselves whether that was serious, funny, goofy, child-like and even hangry at times. We were all so present and not in fear of judgement; both being extremely refreshing. This is how it felt to not be worried about anything else, but to be focused in that moment and sharing in that moment with people who are right there experiencing it with you which made it so much more than just a personal experience but a shared experience.

Everyone felt so connected and then to experience these wild places that people only see in pictures or dream about just adds another dimension and color to the whole thing. It’s not like “ok cool, nice pictures”, “had a nice time”, and “made some nice memories, see you guys!” It’s much more deeply rooted into your soul, to your heart."

-Steve Yu

“There are some travel experiences one can never really have on a guided tour. This guided tour lets you have them anyway. And the experience is amazing.

Matt and his team had things well-planned. In the GBAO region of Tajikistan this doesn't mean locking things down in advance in terms of where we'd be when, and what we'd be doing. It's more a matter of connecting to the right people--local guides, drivers--and working with them to make a rich, colorful, and partly-improvised experience. We joined a herding family's feast in honor of their daughter's high school graduation and her return from a far-off city, and we danced with them all. We ate sheep parts you won't find in your grocery store. We saw amazing scenery. We experienced the feeling and beauty of true remoteness.

-Ken Alexander


“My trip to South America has been fascinating on so many levels. The days often left me breathless!  Literally. It has become my most challenging, yet rewarding trip thus far. Hours of strenuous hiking, encounters with llamas and alpacas, a hail storm in the Bolivian desert, sunsets over snow peaked mountains, driving over shallow waters that mirrored the sky and clouds, and how could we ever tire of ceviche and my fave, lomo soltado.

We expressed vulnerability among strangers, received hospitality and kindness of a culture in an extremely rural land, not to mention tinkling in the Peruvian desert, and Bolivian countryside. We laughed till our stomachs ached, and sobbed because we shared each other’s pain.

Inertia Network, you curated an experience that was beyond my vision of just hiking Machu Picchu. Thank you for showing us that travel is more than just beaches and bikinis. I take with me so many memories, including my little llama fetus."

- Kathy Current

kathy current.jpg


"One of the highlights of the trip was hiking in the Lares region of Peru and staying in the homes of local Quechua families.  Our host families led us on the trek, cooked us traditional meals and welcomed us into their homes. Although we did not understand one another verbally (huge cheers to our local guide and translator, Juan, who led us all over Peru), I truly felt a warmth and kindness from each member of the local families that transcended the common tongue.

It was one of the most authentic traveling experiences I have ever had in my life and something I never would have expected to do had I been traveling alone.  

Something else I did not expect was building life-long friendships. There were 16 of us from all over the world in the group, and the connections we made were all genuine. In our 11 days together, we discovered one another’s life stories, struggles, bathroom habits, quirks and everything in between."

 -Cindy Fan

"I joined the Peru and Bolivia tour and it was definitely a life-changing experience. Not just another vacation, I found it extremely fruitful making connections and sharing this experience with like minded individuals from all over the world. I also enjoyed how we were able to experience the local cultures and way of life, especially so with the homestay and local guides who took us off the beaten path. The tour leaders were extremely helpful and inclusive throughout the trip, and they have also inspired me on a personal level with their love for what they do. Thanks for an awesome trip guys!!"

-Wen Qian Chang

"Amazing. Everything seemed so well thought out and planned to perfection. The tour leaders of each country were so knowledgeable and taught me so much. I just wish I could have brought gifts for the Quechua people just to thank them for their hospitality and all they did for us. I learned not only about the culture of people but I learned so much about photography and blogging. What an amazing experience. Thank you for everything."

-Alicia Davila



"This experience was far from generic or the basic tour you would expect to seen or hear about. The Inertia group leaders went above and beyond to meet the needs of each individual in the group, as well as each day checking in on us and ensuring we are experiencing the joy of living in the moment and making the most of our time together.

This experience was so real and authentic. It was more than just being immersed in the wonderful traditions and culture of the Peruvian and Bolivian people, it was also about building connections with other people, growth and somehow, through the endless group conversations and funny discussions, I felt more aware of myself and my journey. Everything on this adventure went so smoothly, my experiences will be forever etched in my heart and of course have thousands of photos as memories to highlight how tremendous this trip was."

-Maree Janete

"It was phenomenal! Words can never express how much this experience means to me. The best trip I’ve ever taken. I had the pleasure to meet a group of people who all put a smile to my face. I look back and realize that this trip surrounded me with people and experiences that only boosted the quality of my life. I wouldn’t change one thing about it."

-Lizette Vargas

"I had an amazing experience on this trip. The places we visited and experiences we had were unique, and things I never would have planned on my own. But it was the people we met who made the trip life-changing. I've traveled with groups before and met some wonderful people, but the leaders on this trip truly made us feel like a family."

-Elysia Cappellucci