"Simply put, Inertia is not a ‘tour operator’, and they do not just simply guide you through the country in the conventional sense. They have all the experience, immense knowledge and probably much more of their counterparts in the travel industry - to get you in and out of the country safely and take care of planning and logistics like a beast. But beyond that, their core values are to help individuals to really ‘see’ and connect with a country - to understand why the people are the way they are through talking, interaction, and even vulnerable story sharing of surviving through struggles; to experience environments with eyes and hearts wide open, and the deeply rooted interconnection of nature to culture; and to connect you to a perspective of a world that is so different from your own, that you take away almost what feels like years of impactful learning and self-realization.

If you want off-the-beaten-track real human and cultural interaction, there really is no alternative out there. If you want to explore the unknown a bit more boundlessly with others who want to connect with the places they encounter, there is still really no alternative out there. And to be perfectly honest, they are just a really down-to-earth nice group of people who want to get to know you genuinely, and that you end up wanting to talk to and learn from every day.

All in all, I did go into Afghanistan not knowing all that mattered, but I came out with such a different perspective, and I owe that all to Matt, TK and their partners on the ground. I look forward to travelling with them again this year, and for years to come; and also, to see what they do next."

Robyn Held
Afghanistan Expedition, 2019
"The Inertia people did a great job in planning and executing the Socotra trip. Matt and Nicole, in Socotra, managed to be consummate professionals, looking out for us and tending to every detail, all the while maintaining an engaging, and engaged sense of warmth, patience, and casualness. The local Inertia crews, in Cairo and in Socotra were also patient, responsive, and extremely helpful.

It seemed to me that nothing was amiss; everything was as close to perfection as is humanly possible. They also did a great job in providing opportunities for us to get exercise and to learn about local culture.

I am looking forward to my next Inertia trip."

Stuart Jacobson
Socotra Expedition, 2019
"What I felt I got out of this trip is both being truly present but also being with a group that had no judgement whatsoever. We were all just ourselves whether that was serious, funny, goofy, child-like and even hangry at times. We were all so present and not in fear of judgement; both being extremely refreshing. This is how it felt to not be worried about anything else, but to be focused in that moment and sharing in that moment with people who are right there experiencing it with you which made it so much more than just a personal experience but a shared experience.

Everyone felt so connected and then to experience these wild places that people only see in pictures or dream about just adds another dimension and color to the whole thing. It’s not like 'ok cool, nice pictures', 'had a nice time', and 'made some nice memories, see you guys!' It’s much more deeply rooted into your soul, to your heart."

Steve Yu
Peru Expedition, 2018