We're not your average adventure travel provider.

In fact, we're really not a travel company at all. Learn more about what our travel philosophy and organizational style below. 

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About Inertia Treks 

Inertia is not your average travel company. In fact, we’re not really a travel company at all. Rather, we combine our in-depth experience in scouting, fixing and location management to handcraft incredible treks all around the world. We work in partnership with influencers and sponsors to develop these programs, and invite participants to apply to join us as we explore some remarkable places, cultures, and environments. 

Our founders have coordinated complex programs for dozens of Fortune 700 CEOs from the Young Presidents’ Organization, The Asia Society, and student groups from Harvard and Stanford Universities among others. We have undertaken scouting activities for the film and media industry, traveling from Greenland to North Korea and just about everywhere in-between. 

Each program is lead by organizers from our Canada-based office, along with the host influencer and local fixers on the ground in each location we go. As a very visually-focused company, those wishing to improve their photography and videography skills are in luck, as each of our program leaders is a skilled media maker and can offer workshops on request throughout each trek. 



Christine Tran / Tour de Lust 

Peru and Bolivia Trek

Dates: November 4-12, 2017
Starting in: Lima, Peru
Ending in: La Paz, Bolivia
Price: $2,500 per person

Karim Iliya

Congo-Kinshasa Trek

Dates: January 7-13, 2018
Starting in: Goma, DR Congo
Ending in: Goma, DR Congo
Price: $4,900 per person



Kamchatka Russia Trek

Dates: March 18-31, 2018
Starting in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Ending in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Price: $2,900 per person


Influencer Lead Treks Around the World

Inertia coordinates, organizes and arranges all the logistics and media production for influencer-lead treks and adventures all around the world. As part of our bucket list challenge, we invite influencers to work with us to hand craft amazing experiences. 


How It Works: For Influencers

We've organized projects from sailing around icebergs in Greenland, to horse trekking across northern Afghanistan, and just about everything and everywhere in-between. Our ability to operate at reasonable budgets throughout all corners of the planet without using large tourism providers gives us a high degree of flexibility when crafting itineraries. 

We work with influencers on designing the best itineraries for them and their followers-- to their bucket list destinations. Trips stick to the ways each travel influencer prefers to explore, thus giving their followers an authentic travel experience with them. 

Inertia provides a platform to register participants on trips, handle questions and paperwork, mitigate liability, collect and manage payments, and provide straightforward affiliate and sponsorship structures for brands looking to collaborate. Depending on the project, we also integrate professional video crews for top-shelf content production, series development and more. Just imagine what you could create with a film crew behind you. 


Peru and Bolivia Trek

with Christine Tran

Dates: November 4-12, 2017
Starting in: Lima, Peru
Ending in: La Paz, Bolivia
Price: $2,500 per person


join Christine Tran on the the

Peru and Bolivia Trek

Lead by California blogger Christine Tran, this trip brings participants from the highlands of Peru to the salt flats of Bolivia. We explore the ancient Inca site at Machu Picchu, whitewater raft through Andean rivers, trek amongst the mountains, listen to musicians in La Paz, jeep over the Uyuni salt flats, and more on this visually stunning South American adventure. 

Dates: November 4-12, 2017
Starting in: Lima, Peru
Ending in: La Paz, Bolivia
Price: $2,500 USD
Max group size: 12 people



About Christine Tran

Christine is a full time travel blogger who recently left her corporate career to travel the world. She is passionate about sharing her story while helping others to travel and live a life of adventures.

Some of her favorite travels include Iceland, Morocco, Greece and paragliding around the Matterhorn. Her bucket list is to hike Machu Picchu and run across the Uyuni Salt Flats as the sun rises.


Congo-Kinshasa Trek

with Karim Iliya

Dates: January 6-13, 2018
Starting in: Goma, DR Congo
Ending in: Goma, DR Congo
Price: $4,900 per person


join karim iliya on the the

Congo-Kinshasa Trek

Lead by photographer Karim Iliya, this journey brings participants to the magical rainforests of Eastern Congo, and with an emphasis on wildlife, this trip is like no other. Peace in Eastern Congo has resulted in visitors once again being able to access two Congolese national treasures in their natural habitat: Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas. 

Dates: January 6-13, 2018
Starting in: Goma, DR Congo
Ending in: Goma, DR Congo
Price: $4,900 USD
Max group size: 6 people



About Karim Iliya

Pursuing a variety of types of photography, Karim lives a nomadic lifestyle and travels the globe with a focus on photographing and filming wildlife and marine environments using free diving and quadcopter drones.

Karim’s passion is in documenting threatened animals in an effort to create appreciation in order to help protect our delicate ecosystems. 


Kamchatka Trek

with Anna & Matt Karsten

Dates: March 18-31, 2018
Starting in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Ending in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Price: $2,900 per person


join Anna and Matt karsten on the the

Kamchatka Trek

Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula jets off the Siberian mainland into the Bering Sea in the North Pacific. It is home to unspoiled nature, thick boreal forests, active volcanos, hardy people and very few roads.

This adventure takes participants off-road into the remote wilderness, travelling hundreds of kilometres by snowmobile, to live with ethnic Even reindeer herders. Conditions are austere, but the journey is incredible.

The Kamchatka trek is a true physical, cultural and social expedition across some of Russia's most unspoiled country for able-bodied adventure seekers.

Dates: March 18-31, 2018
Starting in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Ending in: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Price: $2,900 USD
Max group size: 12 people


Anna Lysakowska Karsten

Anna Lysakowska is a US-based, Polish-born travel and adventure blogger and curator of the Anna Everywhere blog. She holds degrees in Journalism, Latin American Studies, International Law and Fashion Marketing from Harvard and Leiden Universities. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Polish, Italian


Matt Karsten

Matt is a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer who’s been exploring the world as a digital nomad for seven years. His blog, Expert Vagabond, is a place for daily inspiration and motivation to live a life full of adventure. He wants to show others how to travel the world and to seek experiences over possessions.