Our mission goes far beyond travel. Rather, we see travel as the foundation for exploration, self-discovery, and a constant reminder that we are all part of a much larger community-- a community that unites people, wildlife and our planet.

Journeys are designed to impart you with the feels; because to explore is to connect, to connect is to learn, and to learn is to grow. We leave our egos at the door to embrace others, be vulnerable, and get at the heart of why we travel— to challenge and transform ourselves into better humans.




From Socotra to Sumatra, Peru to Pakistan, we are growing with dedicated local teams all around the world. These experts design and organize incredible, authentic and challenging adventures with you and fellow Members.

In order for a local team to qualify as an Inertia partner, they must have run at least one Inertia trip with a leader from our management team, have significant local expertise far away from mass tourism, and share the same Inertia principles that bind all members together. We seek to create a massive global family of caring, real people; this begins with our local teams.

Come meet some of our team leaders and see who may be leading and coordinating your adventures.



Find like-minded travellers to embark on adventures with, work with incredible local teams all pre-vetted by Inertia, lock down details and paperwork online, and gain access to our exclusive expeditions.

Every experience is designed to help you break your inertia and learn something incredible not just about others, but also yourself.





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Imagine a members-only community where you feel like family the moment you meet, people you actually enjoy embarking on an adventure with, who support each other, challenge each other, and leave out the small talk?

Our community exists to connect hundreds of like-minded adventurers and ever expanding local teams to design and undertake transformative experiences in some of the most remote parts of our world.



Designed for people who hate “tours”, our expeditions are created for members with our local teams all over the world. Expeditions are thematic and are aimed at helping participants break their inertia, connect, learn, grow, and acquire new insights and skills.