We're in this together. The world is big, beautiful, complicated, scary, wonderful; it's the reality we know and the setting in which we all co-exist. Inertia was founded upon the culmination of four principles: respect, knowledge, care, and sacrifice. This is what we seek to instil within our team, our partners, our participants and people we come across. By upholding these principles, we believe it's possible to remove the barriers-- mental and physical-- that prevent people from connecting. 

Travel is our chosen vehicle to achieve this vision. Over time, we ultimately seek to redefine what tourism means-- and our goal is to allow for access everywhere, have projects in every country, bring people together, and allow them to learn from one another to grow as individuals. Travel can be a huge opportunity to expand your sense of what is possible and open your mind in the process. This is the type of travel we enable.



We curate journeys and tell stories-- everywhere, with all different people, around all different passions. We partner with bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, content creators, fixers, location managers, guides and DMOs who share our vision and wish to combine their skills, interests an resources to grow together. Learn more.



Our team largely comes from the film, media and marketing world. We've produced feature documentaries and shorts around the world, run multi-lingual marketing projects, and coordinated special expeditions for big name brands. Regardless of what we do, we keep our thirst to learn and our values close to our hearts and minds. 



In the winter of 2015, two of our founders found themselves running a pilot project in northeastern Russia. Riding the high of adventure in this icy, volcano speckled land, and in-between a bout of second degree frostbite, a moment of reflection hit: as much as our bodies were physically worn out, we were having the time of our lives. We were completely engaged with our surroundings, other people, and ourselves.

The idea that would ultimately lead to Inertia Network was born out of conversations with our reindeer herding hosts over stew and copious amounts of cheap vodka.

We left the Kamchatka wilderness with one burning question: how can we harness natural human curiosity and turn this into something that can inspire others to be more aware and conscious of others and themselves? Welcome to our world, we're glad you're here.