We Are an Influencer Media and Travel Platform

We believe in authentic storytelling. We’re called inertia because we empower great storytellers to be unwaveringly true to themselves in bring remarkable stories to light. While these stories focus on different topics, perspectives and subjects, they all seek to engage, inspire and educate.





Content is powerful; it informs us; it should inspire trust. We care that native advertisements masquerade as content; we care that manipulation is becoming commonplace; and we want to champion authenticity by doing something different. We strive to create an ecosystem where brands, sponsors, and publishers all become catalysts to the production of truly remarkable content.


We work with influencers and brands to create a symbiotic content ecosystem. We help influencers effectively monetize, improve their content offerings, save time, and grow their following. We assist brands in developing compelling content that will elevate marketing efforts. We work with both parties to match them to opportunities that best fit their personality, aspirations, passions, audience and content style.


Inertia is an invitation-only media agency that focuses on the needs of content creators. We combine influencer marketing with proprietary technology and a wide range of production and on-site travel logistics services. These elements come together to provide influencers with tools, strategies and connections to grow, authentically. Inertia is the brainchild of filmmakers, marketers and technologists joining forces to make something great.

Let's Chase Remarkable Together

Whether you're an influencer or a brand, we want to hear your story and work together to not only produce incredible content, but create powerful experiences. Join us.