Inertia Network was founded in October, 2017 by Matt Reichel, Thomas Kim and Matt Lim, three friends from Vancouver, Canada. Each of us brings a different personal mission to the table: one seeks to increase compassion by connecting the world, one seeks to help others break away from their default lives, and one seeks continuous self improvement on the path to actualization. Each of these components forms the backbone of what we stand for and what we do.

We launched our first expedition to Kamchatka, Russia in the winter of 2018. Returning from spending the evening with reindeer herders deep in the wilderness, a blizzard struck the team while crossing an ice cap. We were exposed. It was -35 degrees, with winds exceeding 100kph. Visibility was next to zero. We were trained for this, but the fear was real. Our sleds continued on, for hours, as we gradually made our way to a lower elevation, behind the fury of the ice cap. We survived. No one was left behind. We cried a little. And we laughed a lot. The whole team became bonded together, and the adventure was real.

What may have been seen as a disaster for our young company, became a mental cornerstone for our team: the will to confront challenges, shift perspective, and always be grateful have become steadfast components of the Inertia brand. Face fears, see the lessons within challenges, and remember life is too short to complain.

We look forward to welcoming you on an adventure.




Our mission is to facilitate genuine connection between people, wildlife, the planet, and ourselves.

We do this by organizing authentically adventurous community-based expeditions that are designed to get people unstuck.

Ever feel stuck? Like you have life set on “default”? A feeling that you’re on autopilot? Well, we definitely have and we understand how suffocating that feeling can be. Often we’re told what we should care about, but rarely do we put in the time to figure it out for ourselves. We are designed to overcome challenges, but too often stop just shy of what we are capable of accomplishing. In a lot of ways, that feeling is how Inertia was born. We want to draw attention to people’s everyday “inertia” and show them they can still break it.

We believe exploring the world in an authentic manner is the perfect vehicle to build these experiences. We refuse to live for posed representations of adventure, or to have out lives validated by others. Rather, we focus on self-discovery and improvement through community building, engaging others earnestly, building harmony with wildlife and nature, and opening ourselves up to being vulnerable.




Our group expeditions are authentically adventurous, highly engaging, and grounded in building genuine connection with locals, wildlife and the planet. These are not comfortable group tours with hour-by-hour planned activities. You will not get on and off a bus all day and let an experience passively happen to you. Rather, each participant is expected to be proactive and work together to build remarkable experiences. Expeditions are designed to get you unstuck from your default life through a combination of intense group bonding, overcoming challenges, and embracing the ambiguous.

Along with local staff, each group trip is lead by a expedition leader from the Inertia team. Our job is to facilitate participation and mitigate risk. Each expedition is presented with a unique set of circumstances; and they all involve elements of reconnaissance within the unknown, even for our team. Remember: shit happens, the challenges are real, and the adventure is honest.

Check out our FAQ page to get a better idea of what to expect when travelling with us. And while you’re at it, have a look at our testimonials page to see what alumni are saying.




Inertia’s strength is in our team members around the world. Those who have taken a chance on us. Those who have lead our guests. Those who keep pushing for new experiences. We honour you, for you are the true change-makers who facilitate greater understanding between people and care for the environment.

We do not seek to replicate cookie-cutter itineraries over and over again. Rather, we work with our local teams to constantly create new programs and activities that push further into exploring. Our goal is not to be a tour company, but rather to empower local leaders and give people access to a new way of travelling.