Inertia Means Not Changing Who You Are.

By definition, inertia is the property of matter by which it retains its velocity so long as it is not acted upon by an external force. We see Inertia as a fundamental positive-- removing external hindrances to enable influencers to create content that is uncompromisingly authentic.


Welcome to Inertia.



Content is powerful; it informs us; it should inspire trust. We care that fake news is all over social media; we care that native advertisements masquerade as content; we care that manipulation is becoming commonplace; and we want to champion authenticity by doing something different. We strive to create an ecosystem where brands, sponsors, and publishers all become catalysts to the production of truly remarkable content.


We help influencers effectively monetize, improve their content offerings, save time, and grow their following. We do this by developing technology that enables clear, customizable deal structures, secure payments, unique affiliate links, and comprehensive analytics tracking. Additionally, we work personally with influencers to match them to sponsors and opportunities that best fit their personality, audience and content style. 


Inertia is an invitation-only media agency that focuses on the needs of content creators. We combine influencer marketing with proprietary technology and a wide range of production and on-site travel logistics services. These elements come together to provide influencers with tools, strategies and connections to grow, authentically. Inertia is the brainchild of filmmakers, marketers and technologists joining forces to make something great.


Aligned Sponsors
and Rad Content.

Inertia gives thought leaders and marketers access to tools, networks and creative talent to manage, structure and track offers, as well as better determine the fit of their potential collaboration, all while uncovering new opportunities for exploration and content production.  


So, Here's the Deal



  • Fully-trackable custom affiliate link generator with unique attribution.
  • Escrow hold options on upfront payments and automatic payment options for commission sales.
  • Clear and concise Terms and Conditions and submission deadlines.
  • Full and transparent analytics tracking on your content, posts and affiliate links.


  • Full analytics overview of your reach, demographics, and engagement rates. 
  • Qualitative analysis of your likes, dislikes, deal breakers, ideal partners. 
  • Set your financial expectations, compare average rates and set your degree of flexibility.
  • Improved outbound pitch documentation with additional deal structuring and production options.


  • Fixers, photographers and filmmakers all over the world with a focus on travel and lifestyle topics. 
  • Standardized film production budget generator.
  • Location management, scouting and travel services.
  • Direction, videography, photography, aerial videography and underwater photography. 
  • Editing and colouring.
  • Sound mixing.

Sounds good. Now what? 


Chase the Remarkable.
We'll Work Out the Rest. 

A wise man, who happens to be Seth Godin, once said: "The opposite of remarkable is very good." If you want to own your life, then chase the remarkable. Inertia is here to help content creators and sponsors unite in this pursuit.


Work With Us


Thought Leaders

Inertia offers influencers a platform to find sponsors who fit their personality and audience, increase their content production capabilities, trek all over the world, track analytics and payments, and customize deals with brands. Inertia removes barriers for content makers to do what they do best: be themselves.



Inertia offers brands a space to generate custom offers, identify influencers who match their target audience, balance upfront and performance-based compensation, track analytics, simplify terms and conditions, and benefit from being a title sponsor to remarkable content with natural distribution.


Less Computer Time Means
More Time Creating.

We started the Adventurer's Bucket List Challenge to work with travel bloggers to knock off some of their biggest bucket challenge destinations and activities, all while documenting it in spectacular fashion. 


Where Do You Want to Go? 

Join Our Travel Bloggers' Bucket List Challenge.

Here's the deal: if you can sell it, we can organize it. Diving with humpback whales in the South Pacific, tracking mountain gorillas in the Congo, riding motorcycles through Myanmar, snowmobiling through Siberia, trekking the Andes perhaps? We all have our ultimate travel bucket lists. Let's work together to knock off one of your top items and make some incredible content in the process?