For us, exploration is the gateway to perspective, and perspective is the catalyst to growth. Our goal is simple and we live it every day; to inspire the self through the exploration of the world. We accomplish this through the creation of trips that pay tribute to the iconic, yet dive into authentic local experiences to facilitate genuine interaction and learning. We produce content that gives those facing barriers to travel an inside look, and actively grow a community of individuals that are driven by exploration.

The world is connecting at an unprecedented rate and with it our ability to explore ideas and places. Now more than ever, we are realizing that travel is an important part of our lives. Meeting new people, immersing in a new culture, standing in awe of the iconic. These moments are experiences that can be the catalyst to personal growth. But for many of us, the pursuit of these experiences are met with barriers that prevent us from taking the leap.

When something requires our time, energy, and capital, we want to establish trust. It is in our nature to want to gain equal or greater to what we invest. Our team understands the importance of this trust, and it is the cornerstone of everything we do. That’s why we work with globetrotters, trailblazers, and passionate storytellers. Because who better to trust then the people paving the way, the individuals who provide perspective on roads less explored, and those who are not content with average.



Each Inertia Network trek is designed by our team, blogger partners, and local experts to be something we love. We love the places, the people, the experiences, the mystery, and the adventure; and because we’re excited about it, we think you will be too. 

Our treks are focused on your experience and the adventure along the way, as opposed to checking off a list of iconic hot spots. While we too marvel in the iconic, we also embrace the unexpected, the mysterious, the lesser known yet truly authentic. We started Inertia Network to bring people together, and allow them to learn and share in journeys that depart from their everyday lives and to buck cookie-cutter tourism.

Each trek is two weeks long; you can choose to participate in the first week, second week, or both. The first week is called the CORE week, where we explore the essence of a focus region. The second week is called the PERIPHERAL week, where we jump into the unknown, less traveled, and adventurous elements of a nearby location. If you join for both weeks, you get a 20% discount off the second week. 

Every trek is co-lead by a blogger, an adventure guide, and a local expert; this is to provide different exploration styles, personalities, skills, and passions to the group. Where we sleep may include hotels, guesthouses, homestays, tents, and even nights under the stars; we do whatever it takes to create an awesome experience. Each participant is matched up with a roommate from the group and you rotate roommates throughout the trip in order to bond with more people. Groups are kept small and intimate, with around 12 participants in total.



Specialized tourism is not new to our founding team, over the past decade we have created exclusive trips for groups from the Young Presidents' Organization and The Asia Society, as well as educational treks for student groups from Harvard, Stanford, Tufts, and the University of Hong Kong among many others. From extreme luxury to shoestring budgets, our team has made incredible experiences work by focusing on two crucial elements: building experiences and gaining access.

We're also filmmakers and photographers, having worked on feature documentaries, shorts, and commercial shoots. We understand the value of great storytelling and the power of imagery and we're happy to share these skills and experiences on all of our treks. 


In the winter of 2015, two of our founders found themselves running a pilot project in northeastern Russia. Riding the high of adventure in this icy, volcano speckled land, in-between a bout of second degree frostbite, a moment of reflection hit: as much as our bodies were physically worn out, we were having the time of our lives. We were completely engaged with our surroundings, other people, and ourselves.

The idea that would ultimately lead to Inertia Network was born during conversations with our reindeer herding hosts over stew, boiled grechka, and copious amounts of cheap vodka.

We left the Kamchatka wilderness with one burning question: how can we harness natural human curiosity and turn this into something that can inspire others to be more aware and conscious of themselves? This question forms the backbone of every project we pursue, each person we collaborate with, and every adventure we create. Welcome to our world, we're glad you're here.